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Shay's Blessing Cap

Double lined high quality Black Betty Boop satin sleep caps also known as “Shay’s Blessing Caps”  raise your energetic vibrations while protecting your hair from breakage!

The hand made, sleep bonnets have the Black Betty Boop images with positive affirmations throughout the cap. The goal of the sleep bonnet is to raise your vibrations and help grow and protect your hair while you sleep. 

I was inspired by Masaru Emoto experiment in which he took positive and negative words and attach them to glasses of water to see the effect they would have on water crystal formation. The containers that contained the positive words, such as “I love you” “Thank you” and “You’re beautiful” attached to them had water crystal formations that were organized and beautiful however the containers that had negative words such as “I hate you” attached to them had very disorganized and unappealing crystal formations. After reading about this experiment I did an experiment myself in which I had a sleep bonnet created that had positive affirmations such as “God and I are one”, “I have long thick hair,” “My hair grows easily and quickly,” “Money continuously flows to me” and I added my favorite character, Black Betty Boop to the sleep bonnet. Within a month my hair grew over an inch! I was having a hard time sleeping before and then I started sleeping so much better and having better dreams. Ideas started to come to me in my sleep and I became more inspired. It is my belief that positive affirmations on my sleep bonnet only contributed to raising my energetic vibration and point of attracting better experiences into my life including hair grow!

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