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About Black Betty Boop by Shay 'Your Love Diva ®'

Black Betty Boop by Shay 'Your Love Diva ®'
Enter the world of Shay's thoughtfully curated collections, designed to celebrate the magnificence of women, with a particular focus on honoring the beauty and strength of Black women. This empowering initiative calls upon women to feel truly seen and represented, igniting a resounding call to action that resonates with and unites hearts of all races far and wide.
Black Betty Boop by Shay 'Your Love Diva ®' serves as a poignant reminder for women to wholeheartedly embrace their vibrant, youthful, and joyful spirits. As women, she encourages us to embrace our vulnerability and authenticity, for it is in living our truth that we wield the most potent expression of femininity—a legacy we pass down to younger generations of women and girls as Betty has done for 93 years!

The Inspiration

Black Betty Boop by Shay by Shay 'Your Love Diva ®' encapsulates the essence of empowerment, drawing inspiration from the iconic pop culture siren, Betty Boop. This extraordinary symbol signifies that women's empowerment transcends color and culture, reminding us that strength is not about limited to aggression, but is can be found in joy, confidence, freedom, and utter fabulousness.


Through our meticulously crafted capsule collections and statement pieces, we aim to etch a lasting impression in the minds of generations to come. We seek to reinforce the profound truth that a confident woman, comfortably embracing her feminine energy, radiates an undeniable power—a force that brings healing and uplifting to those who may have forgotten their own innate strength.


Join us in celebrating the magnificent force within every woman, as we embark on a transformative journey of empowerment and self-discovery. Together, we will leave an indelible legacy, reminding the world of the unyielding power found in embracing our authentic selves.

How it all Started (HERstory)
In the heart of a young girl named Shay, a profound love for the iconic character Betty Boop blossomed. She admired how Betty Boop epitomized femininity, power, and unwavering confidence. However, Shay yearned for a representation that resembled her own brown complexion. Determined to see Black women shine in the same radiant light, Shay adorned her entire room with Betty Boop, fervently hoping that one day this beloved character would reflect her own beautiful identity.

The Story behind the Icon

Inspired by the combined cultures and collective creativity of the diverse Jazz performers of the day, the character that would eventually become Betty Boop made her first cartoon appearance on August 9, 1930 as a dog-like character playing a bit role in the Fleischer Studios’ cartoon Dizzy Dishes. She sang in that first appearance but had no lines. She didn’t even have a name, but that didn’t stop Betty from stealing the show as she steadily developed human features and became the full-blown human Betty we know and love today.

For nearly a century the feisty and bold icon has sung, sashayed and “Boop-oop-a-dooped” past rules and conventions, unafraid to take risks or set trends. With her daring look and irresistible charm, Betty continues to inspire and attract fans from around the world with her sassy personality, short black hair and hoop earrings, with trademark red dress and lips.

Who We Serve
Introducing Black Betty Boop by Shay 'Your Love Diva ®' — a powerful embodiment of strength, confidence, courage, boldness, and femininity. With her radiant presence, she becomes a mirror for women and girls to discover their own reflection, proudly embracing their unique identities and sharing their feminine essence with the world.

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